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Discourse, the online component of the Drake Law Review was established in Summer 2012.  Discourse will establish a central location for practitioners, scholars, and students to remain current on changes in local and national law.  With the online platform, Discourse will publish short legal articles, essays, and case commentaries on current topics in the legal community.  Articles for Discourse are limited to approximately 3,000 words, including footnotes, and are published monthly.

Discourse is currently accepting articles to consider for publication.  Like the Drake Law Review, Discourse accepts submissions from professors, judges, practitioners, and other legal scholars.  Articles may be submitted electronically as an attachment via email (law.review@drake.edu).  Electronic submissions should be in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format.

Please cite Discourse articles as follows as: Author, Title, Volume Drake L. Rev. Discourse Start Page (Year), URL.  For example, the inaugural article would be cited as:

Matthew G. Dore, The Iowa Business Corporation Act's Staggered Board Requirement for Public Corporations: A Hostile Takeover of Iowa Corporate Law?, 60 Drake L. Rev. Discourse 1 (2012), http://students.law.drake.edu/lawReview/docs/lrDiscourse201206-dore.pdf.

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