International Law Society
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Executive Board

President: Rick Te Grootenhuis (
Vice-President: Kailey Blazek (
Treasurer: Kevin Brown (
Secretary: Julia Steggerda-Corey (
Public Relations: Jennifer Harrington (
Faculty Advisor: Professor Ellen Yee (


The International Law Society at Drake Law School was founded to raise awareness of international legal issues and to facilitate careers in the field of International Law. The purpose of the Drake International Law Society is to augment the study of international and comparative law at Drake University Law School. We sponsor guest speakers, hold philanthropic events, supply information regarding careers in international law, and provide a forum for the discussion of current events and foreign policy issues.

Stay Informed

For Drake Law students, add International Law Society to your class list on TWEN. For non-Drake Law students, contact ILS through the listed email address with "add me" in the subject line.

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